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    254425ylq - "Hoop Earrings or Stud EarringsWhether it’s simple studs or dramatic dangles, earrings are the quintessential no-fuss piece of jewelry – helping you look put together but not overdone. From more modern earring s […]"Visualizzare
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    254425xixi - "Farm ImplementsIn ancient times, The man started using ox and cows for farming. Later machinery and more advanced types of machinery took their place, and the tractor is one of them. The tractors are integral Farm […]"Visualizzare
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    254425yun - "roller conveyorConveyors are material handling systems that allow for easy transporting of products, from powder to bulk to complicated geometries. They are integral to all kinds of systems, as they provide a fast […]"Visualizzare
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    254425ovo - "O RingsWhat are O Rings? You could argue that the o-ring is a bit of a “living fossil” in terms of manufacturing components. They were first brought to market way back at the dawn of the 20th century – and yet, […]"Visualizzare
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    990425zoe - "Clear plastic boxA box (plural: boxes) is a container used for the storage or transportation of its contents. Most boxes have flat, parallel, rectangular sides. Boxes can be very small (like a matchbox) or very […]"Visualizzare
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    991215Jhin - "Lithium solar batteriesLithium solar batteries are simply lithium batteries used in a solar power system. More specifically, most lithium solar batteries are deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, […]"Visualizzare
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    990425jinx - "H20 BeamH20 Beam is a type of concrete formwork wood beams. It is used in all formwork systems include wall formwork, table formwork, slab formwork, column formwork, etc. With the lightweight and heavy load, the […]"Visualizzare
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    990425air - "glass cutting machineThe glass cutting machine adopts stepper or servo motor, driver and CNC control system, and is equipped with imported cutter wheels. It has the advantages of good stability, high precision, […]"Visualizzare
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    990425rabbit - "Zirconia blockZirconia block consists of four layers of zirconia in graduated shades. This product allows the chair side fabrication of natural-tooth-colored restorations – eliminating a time-consuming and d […]"Visualizzare
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    0206azhi - "Rosemount transmitterRosemount transmitter is a kind of general pressure transmitter. It is manufactured according to the law of electromagnetic induction and JB/T9248-1999 standard. It is used to measure the […]"Visualizzare
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    99aizaiyuye - "sport shoesSome of the benefits of wearing good sport shoes include less aerodynamic resistance, while having more balance, grip, and flexibility. It’s not just about better performance, it’s also about […]"Visualizzare
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    babyhan99 - "Digital signageDigital signage is a sub-segment of signage. Digital signs use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. They […]"Visualizzare
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    yan990425 - "TreadmillTreadmill is a kind of stationary cardio machine on which you can walk, jog or run indoors. Treadmills usually feature adjustable speeds and inclines to vary your workout, allowing you to simulate a hill […]"Visualizzare
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    254kaisha - "precision moldMolds, various molds and tools used in industrial production to obtain the desired products by injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging, smelting, stamping and other […]"Visualizzare
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    990425jaychou - "PV fusePV fuses are utilised to protect solar power gathering equipment against overcurrents, reserse currents and short circuits that can occur within alternative energy gathering PV string installations. […]"Visualizzare
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    0425babehan - "disposable medical protective hatFor years, healthcare professionals have been stepping inside the operation room wearing surgical hats or caps or sometimes called scrub hats or scrub caps. Surgical hats are used […]"Visualizzare
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    0425pute - "scrap baler machineWhat Is A Baler? A scrap baler machine is used for recycling applications. It is generally a hydraulic press that compacts materials into a dense package of a specific size. The compacted […]"Visualizzare
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    990425lulu - "steel plateSteel strip, also known as strip steel, is a long-length steel plate that is mostly supplied in coils. Those with a width below 600mm are called narrow strips, and those exceeding 600mm are called wide […]"Visualizzare
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